Paint With Jill

Paint Your Pet Fundraisers For Dessin Animal Shelter

Paint Your Pet For Riverside Dog Park

Paint Your Pet for Dessin

Come create a painting of your fur-baby, your darling, your best friend, your pet while supporting the Riverside Dog Park. Join Jill Carletti, artist, pet portrait artist and art educator for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to create a memento of your furry companion while making the Riverside Dog Park a reality. Don’t think you have the talent for this? Fear not – your pet will be pre-sketched on canvas for you from the photos you provide. You do the rest under Jill’s instruction. Everyone is always amazed at the results. You will be too.

This fundraiser will occur on two different dates - Thursday, May 16 from 6 - 9 pm and Saturday, May 18 from 2 - 5 pm at the Boiler Room in the Hawley Silk Mill at 8 Silk Mill Drive in Hawley, PA. 

Important Guidelines For These Paint Parties

  • The key to making this class successful is a good, clear, up-close, well-lit photo of your pet. This is sooo important! I need to be able to see the eyes, nose, body and other features clearly. Also, please send more traditional poses, not strange angles.
  • Send a few shots if you want to ME@JILLCARLETTI.COM, and Jill will choose the best one, and try to make the best decision on how to position your pet drawing on the canvas. If you don’t have any good, recent photos, then get to it – grab a camera or someone’s phone and take some new ones! If your photo isn’t good, your painting won’t be either.
  • Please label each photo/file with YOUR last name (not the pet’s) and a number to signify which is your favorite photo- if you send multiple shots. And remind your guests about this too! (Your pix should read something like…Lennon 1, or McKale 3…not image.jpeg since many are sent with that generic camera label.) Then email your labeled photos and/or questions to ME@JILLCARLETTI.COM.
  • Send your photos AFTER you’ve registered online but please NO LATER than 48 hours prior the class. Jill needs some time to get your pet sketched onto the canvas.
  • Also….since this night requires extra time and preparation on our part, we charge more than usual paint nights. We’re confident that you’ll agree it’s worth it! – Registration is $48 - $58 depending on painting/canvas size chosen.