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Poster Art

One of my very favorite things to do is poster art and is one of the few places where my love of art, design, music, happenings and promotion converge. As a promoter of events, I’ve found that a gorgeous poster can really make a huge impact on attendance, when its hung in all the right places. Of course, other forms of promotion are very important too, but there is something very basic and amazing that happens when we see a piece of art that is a poster. A well-designed, beautiful poster that captures the mood of your event will draw your people to your event and I LOVE watching this magic occur. Check out some of the poster’s I’ve designed below. If you want to attract people to your event with a beautiful poster, please contact me!

Scarlet Frost PosterScarlet Frost Band Poster
Hawley Harvest HoedownHawley Harvest Hoedown Poster
Circa Blue PosterCirca Blue Fest Poster
Hawley Earth Fest PosterHawley Earth Fest Poster
cirquedesoireeCirque Du Soiree Flyer
LIGHTTHENIGHTPOSTERLight the Night for Marley’s Mission Poster
All You Have To Do Is Dream